St.Mary’s Rubbers have a dedicated work force. We are functioning as a family and not a mere factory. All of them are given due introductions in their respective field of activities. Require safety awareness program were conducted for the work force. All are provided with necessary equipments for safe functioning of their duties. The factory now is functioning round the clock.

Special care is being taken towards the welfare of the employees. The company treat them as a family member and No Boss-Employees relationship is maintaining here. Thus each and every employee feel the company as their own and the outcome from them is result oriented. Every employee can have the access to the high authorities to express their problems/grievances which are properly taken care of and addressed to their utmost happiness. Thus no turn out of the work force from the company.

Work Policy:

St. Mary’s Rubbers steady and measured growth has been consistent with its vision of providing customer satisfaction as its prime motto. We are committed to the interest of the customers. We are keen to give them quality products at competitive rates. Our main focus is to get a customer with a view to serve him better for a long lasting business relationship which will be mutually beneficial for both sides. In other words “we value relationships rather than making mere profits”.

Thus it is our restless effort to achieve progress and prosperity through a dedicated, truthful and planned functioning of our business and to strive for changing ever impediment into opportunity. Sky only is our limit.