Medismart: Ultimate solutions for Surgical Protection

Medismart is designed in a precise manner so as to deliver a soothing effect in each aspect of glove selection by providing a wide range of glove categories and recommendations for ones applications We are a complete package for those looking to be distinct from the rest , as the work done by us is unique. We create followers rather than tracing the path left by others, which depicts us a place of trust as we are able to deliever more than what our client expects. The gloves which are so soft that it gives u a feel of warmth and love inspiring you to move ahead without any barriers. We pertain the fact that the medical community as driving force in inspiring us to continuously look ahead to the future in development of innovative products.


What We Strictly Abide
The Company realizes the fact that customer relation is the primary necessity for any business and to achieve the same ample efforts and continuous commitments are required. Bearing these in mind, the Company started to implement a planned project. On every stage of its formation, utmost care has been given to achieve its object.

Since the time when the company came into existence there has never been a need to lookback  as we are always progressing in a steady manner and has been gaining the trust from clients worldwide.

We believe that quality is not an act, it’s a habit and we abide by it and has kept that as a mandate.


Protection & Infection Prevention
In healthcare today, it’s more important than ever for clinicians to be equipped with the proper protective apparel. Used appropriately, the right gloves, which helps to reduce the spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) among patients and visitors, as well as help protecting healthcare workers themselves from contamination and infections that can occur from patient contact, pandemic influenzas and other sources.

According to the World Healthcare Organization (WHO), at any given time 1.4 million people are suffering from an infection acquired in a hospital.

Every year the threats that cause HAIs grow more numerous and complicated. Infections from Multiple Drug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs) and Spore-borne diseases like c. difficile are increasing in frequency and morbidity. There is no silver bullet for HAIs. Attention to detail and accepted protocol are the best available defense for patient and staff alike. Appropriate and thorough environmental cleaning, proper hand hygiene and adherence to PPE use and precautions form an important front line in the battle against HAIs.


Our Protection and Infection Prevention Solutions
Medismart is a pioneer and one of the leaders in single-use Medical Glove. Our focus is on producing the ultimate solutions in protection for the healthcare worker that can help reduce the risk of infection and contribute to a safer environment for everyone within a healthcare facility.

With the quality of the gloves we produce we help to help reduce the risks of cross-contamination and infection in the OR, including: Medismart* Surgical Gloves,  Sterilization Packaging.


Why Medismart is distinct from the rest

  • Latest machine with most modern technology
  • Excellent production capacity and min cost of production
  • Own centrifuged latex  for superior quality production
  • Almost 100%  quality acceptance
  • Less man power due to automated stripping, testing and packing facility
  • Latest building design for meeting EU& FDA requirements
  • Gloves quality will meet EU,FDA & all other regulations
  • Competent team for excellent performance
  • The best human resource for optimum performance