We have established wide network of marketing channels in the domestic market. Export started in the year 2003 and successfully achieved a prime position in export turn over during these years. Our products were well accepted in the markets abroad and we have a network of satisfied and reputed overseas clients. 70% of our total production is earmarked for export. The last financial year 50% of the latex exported by us out of the total exports done by the Country. Our product is exported to USA, Germany, Italy, China, Brazil, Belgium, Portgul, Tanzania, Kenya, Istanbul, Malaysia, Pakistan, Argentina, Srilanka, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt, UK, Dubai, Spain, Nepal etc.

Concern For Customers:

Our commitment to quality of our product and reliability in services gained us unparalleled reputation amongst the centrifuged latex manufacturers. It is an appreciable fact that we have never received any complaint regarding quality of our latex. In every past year we were able to gain at least a couple of new foreign customers. We reckon every customer as a partner in the larger perspective. We work in partnership for the benefit of both the parties concerned. We always recognize the right of our customers and our duties are determined accordingly. Their needs are given prompt attention and utmost care. A long-term honest relation is maintained with them. Rubber market is of a highly fluctuating nature. Even then, we are maintaining the latex price almost at a stable level to our customers to avoid making their life miserable. It is our method to canvas only as much orders as we can execute promptly. Even when the demand was high, both in the international and domestic markets, we never had to withheld or postpone any export commitments. Thus we could always maintain a cordial customer relation.

Future Plan

Processing and trading of Centrifuged Latex continues to be one of our core activities. Every year we are increasing our production capacity by adding additional latex separators and subsequently increasing sales also. We have the plan to increase the same in the years to come to a great extent.