Our Reverences

Effective Pollution Control:

Our aim is to minimize waste and to adopt technical methods to purify them and thus recycle unavoidable waste and to make by-product into commercially marketable products. To achieve this, we have installed a production unit of Skim Crepe. Skim, the by-product of Centrifuged Latex, is again dried and crepe is manufactured. Skim Crepe has got good domestic market. Further the remaining wastewater is channeled through long layer of rubber traps to separate balance rubber contents. Thus we could avoid air pollution caused by skim and to reduce our cost of production of the main product by viable marketing skim crepe.

The wastewater formed when latex is separated, is treated in our Effluent Treatment Plant, where it purified and recycled and used for watering plants and cleaning processing premises, thereby maintaining pollution free hygienic environment.

Power Conservation:

As we know power saved is power generated, we are closely monitoring power consumption. Planned usage of machinery and other electrical appliances and avoiding idle time in between the manufacturing process helps to save electricity. Control measures adopted for fuel consumption helps to minimize cost of production.

Transporting of natural latex to the factory involves heavy expenses. To minimize this, we opened collection centers and mobilize natural latex from different estates/places. From collection centers we are transporting the same in full truck loads to the factory, which helps to avoid repeated running of vehicles.

We are maintaining a cordial relation between with our filed latex suppliers/growers always. Giving them always whatever the maximum/best rate one can afford in the market and settling their bills with their utmost satisfaction and we treat them as our associates and keep them happy always so that every month we could be able to get few more suppliers to our satisfied list of suppliers of raw latex.