Latex Factory

St.Mary’s Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. has established its latex factory in Thuruthipadavu in Parathodu Panchayat, Kanjirapally, Kottayam (DIST). The factory is setup in a picturesque 30 acres plot amid thick green Rubber Plantation. The Company has 18 most modern and efficient AlfaLaval centrifuging machines and all other necessary paraphernalia required for this factory. The processing capacity of the plant is 1000 Barrels (200 metric tons) of field latex per day.

The Company procures field latex from the farmers fields throughout the length and breadth of Kerala State. St.Mary’s Rubbers owns and operates a big fleet of transport vehicles for supply of empty barrels fed with anticoagulant to the farmers and collection of field latex filled barrels from the plantations.

The farmers are offered the best possible farm gate price for their product due to the efficient management of procurement, processing and sale by St.Mary’s Rubbers.

Rubber has emerged as the most remunerable crop in the Kerala State. Rubber is grown in big plantations and also by small farmers whose number is as high as 10 Lakhs. Rubber is sold in solid form as Sheets made after coagulating the field latex or as Crump Rubber or in liquid form as field latex by adding anticoagulants like Ammonia. St.Mary’s Rubbers help the Kerala farmers in getting the best price by taking the responsibility of procurement, transport, processing, sale and export. Due to the severe shortage of farm labour more and more farmers opt for sail of Rubber in latex form and look up to St.Mary’s Rubbers for sail of their farm products.

The farmers are paid price for their product based on the Dry Rubber Content (DRC) of latex. St.Mary’s Rubbers has its own state of the art laboratory cum R&D center for the qualitative analysis of field latex and Cenex.

St.Mary’s Rubbers supply Cenex, the most important raw material to all major manufactures of concentrated latex based products (Gloves, Condoms, Balloons etc.) in the Country. St.Mary’s Rubbers exports Cenex to Countries like Germany, USA, Turkey, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Dubai, Brazil etc. and thus contributing more than 50% of the total Natural Rubber Export from Country.