St.Mary’s Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. incorporated on 17th Oct 2002 under the Companies Act of 1956. The Company was promoted by Mr. Sunny Jacob and his wife Mrs. Mini Sunny, Edakkattu (H), Koovapally, Kanjirapally, Kottayam (DIST). Sri Sunny Jacob has been in the field of rubber trade and processing for the last 20 years. The major activity of the Company is procurement of field latex in ammoniated form and concentrating it by the Centrifuging process to various grades of Centrifuged Latex (Cenex).

Cenex is the raw material for manufacturing Gloves, Condoms, Foam, Elastic Threads, Rubber Band, Balloons, Rubber Lined Mats etc. The byproducts of the process viz Skim Block Rubber and Skim Creep Rubber are used for manufacturing various other Rubber products. St.Mary’s Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. Has emerged as the top processor and exporter of centrifuged latex in India. Thus contributing substantially to the foreign exchange earning of the Country.


We are keen in producing our products which can withstand the changes of this dynamic world, hence choose the raw materials essential for the production which are of the most subtle and impressive quality.


Our commitment to quality of our product and reliability in services gained us unparalleled reputation amongst the centrifuged latex manufacturers. We reckon every customer as a partner in the larger perspective.


To become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of medical gloves with superior safety and protection reliability. Looking ahead for a global mercantilism


Our goal is to respond to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry that demands protective products that are safer to use and produced with efficient and environmentally responsible processes.

Distributors Invited

St. Marys Rubbers Pvt. Ltd., the biggest producer and exporter of natural rubber centrifuged latex is diversifying its activity to the production of surgical and examination gloves. The state of art factory with most modern machinery and technology will be commisioned on 30th June 2013. The factory starting with a production capacity of 3 lakh pairs of surgical gloves per day is expected to reach the production level of 15 lakh pairs per day within 6 months of commissioning and thus emerging as the biggest producer of surgical and examination gloves in the country.

The company invites distributors for their "Medismart" brand surgical and examination gloves from all regions of the country. Parties who have prior experience in the distributing medical supplies can apply here